The Centre pays a great deal of attention to all aspects of training and, in particular, that given to younger researchers.

In this context the Centre has always made available, according to the legislative rules from time to time available, but always in the form of public competition announced on a national basis, financial support for research projects that last either one or two years undertaken by young graduates who wish to deepen their knowledge in this sector. Up to now many young graduates, each with different areas of speciality and scattered throughout the network of research units linked to the Centre have been able to take advantage of this opportunity, thereby being able to experience for themselves what it actually means to work in the attractive but demanding world of scientific research.

Another area in which the Centre is fully committed is the provision of assistance in terms of personnel, competence and equipment for the organisation or the co-organisation of training and educational initiatives both in the framework of Italian university academic organisation universities as well as in national and international schools, whether this should be for the training of young researchers or for staff training within companies or bodies that are involved in environmental protection or health services.

With regard to this activity, the Centre’s participation in a Second Level Master’s Course at Salento University (Lecce) entitled “The Interaction between Electromagnetic Fields and the Environment” run by the university is especially important as is its continuous and significant contribution  to the International Bioelectromagnetic School – Alessandro Chiabrera, which takes place every year at Erice.

In addition, many course have been run for the benefit of Italy’s National Health Service, local health authorities and regional agencies for environmental protection (ARPA); of these of particular importance both for the number of hours of theory and practical lessons run across a large part of the country with the help of national agencies for environmental protection and the many different ARPA agencies representing their various regions, has been the “Valuation and Measuring of the Risk of Electromagnetic Exposure” held in ten different Italian cities.