Hw and Sw available

Instrumentation for the monitoring of environmental electromagnetic emissions, both wide band and narrow band, locally and remote, across a range of frequencies used either for industrial purposes and telecommunications or for residential and domestic purposes.

Semi-anechoic chambers operating from 10 KHz to 3 GHz and from 3 GHz to 40GHz and related instrumentation for the automatic control of the parameters of exposure and emission (frequency, levels of exposure and emission, reciprocal positions between the object under test and measuring system or emitter).

Exposure systems both in vitro and in vivo (laboratory animals) both at low frequency and at radiofrequency and microwave for which it is possible to control the environmental physical parameters (temperature, CO2 etc. etc.); Helmotz bobbins, TEM cells, GTEM, loop and wire-patch (RF-MW) antennas and waveguide applicators.

All instrumentation for biological experiments; accommodation for small animals and gas anaesthesia for the same; instruments for cell culture manipulation and the analysis of nerve cells, sensorial cells, immunitary system cells and blood (fluorescent microscope, image analysis, software for reading chromosome irregularities and comet assay, equipment for western blot, PCR, electrophoresis, orbital hybridisation, ELISA and β-counter, cytometers etc.).

Software instruments (calculation codes, data elaboration and visualisation) for electromagnetic simulation of field distribution emitted into the environment and absorbed by a biological system at different levels: human and laboratory animals body parts or the entire body, biological tissues, in vitro biological samples; also available are our own codes and commercially available codes.