The Beginning

The ICEmB Centre has its beginnings way back in 1985 thanks to the remarkable lucidity, foresight and organisational ability of Professor Alessandro Chiabrera who, for a long time, had been calling for a national initiative to gather together the research experience that at that time was starting to focus toward the studies into the biological effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields and related areas of scientific interest for the beneficial (in both therapeutic and diagnostic roles) and the damage aspects that result.

So it was that in May 1985, because of the effort of Alessandro Chiabrera, a group of researchers met at Genoa, convinced of the necessity of coordination at a national level of a research sector that operated across a range of disciplines that embraced medicine, biology, chemistry, physics and engineering.

On that day and with a great deal of professional enthusiasm, it was decided that an informal group would be set up that would involve itself with a series of themed meetings at which not only would a common scientific language be agreed but also to integrate knowledge in both the different fields of scientific activity as well as each field’s research experience.

There followed a period of intense activity, with scientific and organisational meetings being held at a fairly rapid pace with the result being that it was felt to be the right time to create a more formal structure to the grouping. It was unanimously agreed that the correct formal structure would be that of, in part, an Inter-University Research Centre based upon the participating universities (Genoa, Milan, Parma, Modena, Bologna, Roma 1, L’Aquila, Naples and Palermo) and then enlarged with external public research bodies, given that amongst the other participating groups were colleagues working in the CNR, ENEA, ISS and in the Physics Laboratory of the Ivrea Health Authority, which later became a section within ARPA Piedmont.

Thus began the administrative process of the constitution and in November 1989 (the date on which the Centre was officially created) the Rector of the University of Genoa, the administrative headquarters of the Centre, signed the Institutional Statute which then started its journey around the various participating partners for signing, the last of which was done in 1992.

Over the next few years also the Universities of Ancona and Pavia became institutive partners and by February 2016 it was started a renewal phase, concluded by June 2017, allowing also to extend  the membership to the Universities of Ferrara, Salento (Lecce) and Salerno, already cooperating, since long time, with ICEmB as associated partners.

From those distant 80’s years, ICEmB  grew up and produced so many results, both at scientific level and  with regard to the diffusion and reference aspects that in the sector of bioelectromagnetic interactions  is particularly as delicate as it is important.

Today the ICEmB Centre is an established body that has gained scientific and organisational recognition on both national and international levels and this is in no small part due to all those who have played a significant part in the initial phases of the setting-up of the Centre as well as all those who have supported and helped its development right up to the present day, including the different Directors, Administrative Secretaries and the staff who work with them along with all those people of different functions who have worked in the Centre. And thanks to the enthusiasm, commitment and the professional qualifications that has been and continues to be put to such good use since the creation of the Centre, it has been possible to advance those ideas that since the 1980s inspired Alessandro Chiabrera and in this way, all those who admired and loved him, are able to honour his memory in the best possible way.