The organization

The ICEmB Centre, according to the Institution Agreement, has an organisational structure made up of a Director, Administrative Secretary, and Scientific Council and has its administrative headquarters at the University of Genoa.Its activity is carried out via Research Units (UR) that operate at the Scientific Sections, one for each constitutive university,  and also at each of the associated research centres be they at a university or not with which exist specific contracts of collaboration.


The Scientific Council is made up of a representative of each of the participating Research Units and determines the scientific programme and activity with respect to the research objectives and to the dissemination of the information, the training opportunities and the providers of services. It elects its Director and decides on requests for association and on new cooperations.


The development and execution of the centre’s research activity is enabled through a combination of public and private finance initiatives which the Centre is able to manage thanks not only to the international recognition it has obtained but also through the results of the research undertaken by the various Research Units.


As of the time of publication there are the following Research Units:


RUs at constitutive universities: Bologna, Ferrara,  Genoa, L’Aquila, Modena, Naples, Palermo, Parma, Pavia, Marche Polytechnic, and Roma La Sapienza.


RUs at associated partners: CNR-IFT (Rome), CNR-IREA (Naples), CNR-IEIIT (Milan), ENEA (Rome), ISS (Rome), IGEA (Carpi-Modena).