Schools and courses

Current activity

Since 2003 the “international School on Bioelectromagnetics – Alessandro Chiabrera” has been open at the Fondazione Ettore Majorana Centro per la Cultura Scientifica with its headquarters at Erice in Italy. The school’s director is Professor F. Bersani, head of the Research Unit ICEmB at Bologna University. The school organizes, every one or two years, one week courses with specific themes chosen to be amongst the vanguard of current learning with a programme based on lessons, seminars and debates run by leading international experts, aimed at postgraduates and young researchers who work in this sector.

The courses run to date have been dedicated to bioelectromagnetic experiment methodology, interactive mechanisms, the study of epidemiology and effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation and medical applications.



Past Activity

Of particular importance has been the training programmes recently undertaken in collaboration with the Agency for Environmental Protection and Technical Services (APAT), now the Higher Institute for Environmental Research and Protection (ISPRA), and the Consorzio Elettra200, directed towards staff in regional and provincial agencies for environmental protection (ARPA and APPA), Principals of Prevention and Hygiene Laboratories (PMP and LIP) and local Health Authorities (ASL).

Two separate series of courses have been run, repeated in different Italian centres to meet the needs of on-the-ground staff, which were attended by workers from some 18 different Italian regions with the involvement of around 60 staff from both ICEmB and ARPA.

The first series  was based on the theory of electromagnetic fields and the relative procedures and techniques for monitoring and controlling electromagnetic emissions into the environment; courses were held in Perugia, Palermo, Bari, Genoa, Trento, Sorrento and Bologna.

The second series  was dedicated mainly to a more in-depth study of the theory added to practical hands-on activity in live situations. Courses were held in Rome, Carrara, Trento, Palermo, Ivrea/Turin, Bari and Bologna.